The kind of triple A you never want to have to call.

" If they want me as their enemy, then I will give them exactally what they want, and everthing that comes along with it." - Alhazad ''Redemption '23'

" The same consideration that had caused me shortly after my banishment to turn steps east on the caravan road, rather than west, came to my mind by force. The past held nothing for me but pain and death, therefore I must chose the unknown future. I ran on trembling legs out of the far archway of the doomed chamber and did not look back." - Alhazred 'Alhazred: Author of the Necronomicon' by Donald Tyson.

Aliases: The Mad Poet, Alhazred, The Mad Arab, Alhazad.
Age: 1360-ish, appears in his late 30s or early 40s.
Gender: Male.
Sex: Yes please.
Orientation: Pansexual/Alloromantic (or Tala romantic, haha.) Hopeless Romantic(tm).
Race/Species: Middle Easten-Yemeni/Alien eldritch nightmare..
Anthro-fursona: Lion, Sandcat, Bobcat, hodgepodg of cat.
Nationality/Homeworld: Yemen/Hyades.
Skin/Fur: Redish brown/Redish brown, or brownish pink. Go wild.
Eyes: Red.
Height: 6 foot.
Occupation: necromancer, scientist, and doctor. Broke your arm? It's okay he can grow you a brand new one!
Weapon: Dark magic, lightening attacks.
Zodiac: Scorpio/Sheep (
Element: Wind.
Myers-Briggs: Personality: INTJ
Likes: weather, traveling, magick, studying like- literally anything he finds interesting, monsters, science, advancements in tech, music, obsessed with the grunge era of the 90s- Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Sound Garden to name a few.
Loaths: Whining, Narcs, when people break boundaries, when organized religion enforces hate, people who pretend to be him and put words in his mouth, people who won't back the fuck off when someone says "no", ignorance..
Personality: Polite, calculating, smart ass, charismatic, a bit blunt and crass.
Romantic attachment: Talathia.

Abdul- er. Excuse me, Aubrey is a 1000+ year old sapient eldritch nightmare from the deep recesses of space and time. Known best as the infamous necromancer of the Necromonicon Alhazred and the demon Lord Alhazad. He takes great delight in creating monsters and practicing the dark arts. S tier wizard, doctor, scientist, and unparalleled genius. Charismatic, blessed with the silver tongue and extremely articulate. He will cut down his enemies with his words before things get... messy. Poet too - so it isn't all bad. Dispite all the unchomperheiscable horrors, sadism, and "fuck around and find out", he is a hopeless romantic, deeply enamoured and in love with his partner; Talathia.

In appearance (when he wears his glamour) - he looks like a middle eastern man in his early 40s. Long black hair, with a nicely groomed goatee. His red eyes are the only thing he doesn't bother hiding. Or there's the feline side of it, he isn't really one kind of cat, he's just a hodge podge of cat with a big lion like nose. The fur is the same color as his skin, reddish brown, but with black stripes. The hair and goatee remains the same, the hair long and tendril-like - probably best not to stare at it too long. Roughly 6 foot, or 5'9 - it depends on who you ask, and how much he's paying attention to his glamour spell that day.

Flannel clad wizard with torn jeans, and chain wallet. Black or white t-shirt/band shirt. Perpetually trapped in the 90s. He wears a red/green combo with white or black. Gold chains christened with blue and red jewels from his home world- wherever that may be. Sometimes he just wears loose white shorts with that red and green print on the bottom, with a tunic.. if you know, you know.. Khhk khhk khhk. There are other outfits, too. He's fond of wearing a long black leather trench coat, with black shirt and vest, black jeans with large black boots. There's no point in masking his aura anymore, everyone knows who he really is so he isn't going to hide it.

Old enough to know better, and too tired, jaded, and wise to give a shit. In the grand scheme of things- little upsets him these days. He is Old but he will never ever let on to it. Aubrey is very self conscious about his true form, but he would never admit it willingly. Believing he is undeserving of love and the gentle touch of a lover- because of his disfigurement and eldritch horror that is his real body- He is ashamed of it and hides it under his glamour spells or robes. Although Tala has helped me work past it, he still hides it- with fears people will judge him for the way he looks and see him as a monstrous threat incapable of reason and intelligence. - I mean, he is a threat. But not because of how he looks. Aubrey takes great pride in his intellect, he knows how smart he is.. Faint reminders of the events that happened to him and things he was called during his childhood still echo in his mind. If he sees someone being judged or ruthlessly harassed and bullied based on their appearance, he will eviscerate the harasser and turn them into something so grotesque no one would stand their presence. He is extremely protective of those he deems worthy- or those who have walked a similar path as he has.

Outside of creating monsters, he will occasionally strum on a guitar, serenading his lover Talathia with his gifted angelic singing voice. The man knows how to romance her, and takes pride in being the only one who can tame her fire. He lives alone on a rather large island with Talathia. There are many biomes that he terraformed on it long ago. There is where he calls home, and where his laboratory is. Where he can experiment, research, and live a peaceful life alone with Talathia. For years his love would talk in riddles about the 'island' and finally he was able to make such a place just for them.

"I don’t like how endings in real like come on so suddenly, with out making sense, without much warning. One minute you’re in the middle of something and the next it’s all a very long time ago and you’re a different person and none of it is ever coming back.

It all seems very mundane, but one day, you’ll miss it. When you see the photos.

How can you write a love letter to a place, a time? An intangible yet exquisite bittersweetness?

"It could be worse, be happy that it isn’t."

Quit trying to be the person you were before! Quit trying to be the person you were before your parents split up, before you dog was stolen, before you were violated, and before you lost your best friend. And stop trying to be the person before you were before you were betrayed by the one person you trusted the most. Stop trying to be the person you were ‘before’. You’ll never be that person again. You gotta be the person after. Not the broken one, not the victim. Be the survivor. The proud warrior who’s battle is known only himself- who will dine with Odin in the halls of Valhalla in the here-after. Iron must be thrust into the flames before it is forged into a mighty sword.

Grab onto my arm now. Hold tight. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. Just don't let go of my arm. And if I should kiss you in the dark, it's no big deal; it's only because you are my love.” ― Stephen King, Skeleton Crew.

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